I'm a coffee loving, mini-van driving, Christmas music listening, mama of 4 super kiddos and still in love with my high school sweetheart. With Reece Cups and yoga pants, I feel like I can rock the world!

I'm your extra third wheel to your senior session, a friend you didn't even know you had, your photography extraordinaire for your senior experience. Always, always on your team and super excited for each and every session! 

Thank you so much for being here, can't wait to meet with you!

Hi friends, I'm Sara

 YouR SENIOR photographer❤️

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ya feelin' the senior spirit too!

the Heirloom Experience

Oh let's have fun creating great memories of wonderful senior moments! It is such a treat to capture the personality of each individual, their look and keep it real (no fake retouching or crazy filters). Just beautiful....AND handsome images to capture this once in a lifetime experience for both seniors and parents!

the process

How does this all work?!!


YAY, I can't wait!!
It is as simple as reaching out to me via email, phone call, or simply from the contact part of this website! We will find a date and I will send you all the info to hold your reserve your senior experience. In that time you will also get my clothing guide (little info of tips and tricks). After a few questions about your favorite things, make can a plan of how to capture epic images of your senior year!

Day of your session

Let's dance, giggle, laugh and play to capture those looks and smiles (oh just you wait, this will be fun)! Generally each outfit takes about 20-30 minutes give or take a bit♥

The Revel

Right after your session I'll start working on your images, I can’t help myself! You will have an online gallery to view all of your images within two weeks. 




Just a couple tips

What to Wear

Wear what makes you feel beautiful ......or handsome. You know what you feel good in, make it trendy, do you!
 GIRLS : If you can’t find that perfect dress, but you rock a good pair of skinny jeans, do that. If you can barely walk in heels, there’s no harm in doing cute & comfy boots or pretty sandals. Don’t forget to layer!
GUYS: steer away from logos T’s, but otherwise a nice button down, roll up the sleeves to keep it casual if you like! 

Colors and Patterns
Don’t forget about what colors you look great in & steer away from neons (unless it is just something that is totally you and you gotta have it). Think about the colors that compliment your skin tones, you know that color everyone says you look good in:) 
Patterns, totally do it, just keep in mind a little goes a long way, So maybe bold patten for one outfit or so. Patterns and textures are good, layers are even better!

Color Choices


One for you and one for mom
Oh my gosh, yes, do one epic outfit or even two! Go for it, Wanna do that huge tulle skirt from Amazon or Chicwish, absolutely! You want to wear your football jersey in the rain, heck yes!
Let's do it, but also think about one outfit for mom too. Maybe its just an off the shoulder simple sweater you both love. Or for the guys it's the timeless suit and tie. It's great to have the variety and mix the fun with the timeless!

Do one epic & another


I love great accessories, seems to make the portrait even more put together! Try jean jackets, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers...... Also don’t forget to go for it, go over the top for an outfit! Those make the most epic images! 
Some more ideas : confetti, gigantic swirl lollipop, ice-cream cone. umbrella, huge sunhat, baseball cap, favorite hobby or sport, art supplies, books......

Don't forget the details


the Heirloom experience

HEirloom Digital Collection : $450

This package includes 3 outfits, in-studio and/or outdoor garden areas in and around Fort Loramie area. Tons of images taken within 1-2 hours.
Includes all the digital images to print & share.

SENIOR investment


WELCOME senior class of 2022!!! Booking sessions now, can you believe it?! Join in the Heirloom experience, oh we will have fun and create epic images of this moment! Only a senior once, enjoy and capture it all!

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celebrating 20+ years of photographing beautiful High school Seniors